How to Change the Desktop Background on a Mac | ChatUp Guide

How to Change the Desktop Background on a Mac | ChatUp Guide


How to change the desktop background on a Mac: Whether for a fresh look or added personalization, altering your Mac’s desktop background is a breeze. Learn the steps to revamp your digital workspace quickly and easily!

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Understanding Desktop Customization on Mac

When it comes to personalizing your Mac, changing the desktop background plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your workspace. The process is straightforward and offers numerous options to suit your preferences.

Accessing System Preferences

To initiate the background modification, locate and open the “Apple Menu” and select “System Preferences.” This window contains various settings, including the option to customize your desktop image.

Selecting a Desktop Background

Within “System Preferences,” navigate to the “Desktop & Screen Saver” section. Here, click on “Desktop” to view the collection of pre-loaded wallpapers. Choose the desired image, and it will appear as your desktop background instantly.

Setting Picture Position Preferences

After selecting an image, you can adjust its display using the “Picture Position” dropdown menu. Options like “Fill Screen,” “Fit to Screen,” or “Center” help optimize the appearance of your chosen wallpaper.

Exploring Advanced Personalization

For a more tailored experience, explore additional customization features in the “Desktop & Screen Saver” section. Experiment with screen saver options, desktop arrangement, and even dynamic desktop images for a dynamic interface.


Transforming your Mac’s desktop background is a simple yet effective way to enhance your digital workspace. By following these steps, you can personalize your Mac to reflect your style and preferences seamlessly.


Q: Can I use my photos as desktop backgrounds?

A: Yes, you can personalize your Mac further by selecting “Photos” as your desktop background source, allowing you to use your own images.

Q: Are there ways to set different backgrounds for multiple desktops?

A: Apple allows users to set distinct wallpapers for each desktop space, aiding in easy identification and organization.

Q: Can I revert to the default background if needed?

A: Reverting to the default wallpaper is simple; navigate to “Desktop & Screen Saver” and select the default option from the collection.

Q: Does changing the desktop background affect system performance?

A: Altering the desktop background has minimal impact on system performance and is safe to customize.

Q: Are there tools available for advanced desktop customization?

A: Yes, various third-party tools offer advanced features for desktop personalization, expanding the customization options beyond standard settings.

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