How to delete a snap from story | ChatUp Guide

How to delete a snap from story | ChatUp Guide

How to delete a snap from story Deleting a Snap from your story is an important feature that ensures privacy and control over your shared content. Learn the easiest methods to manage your Snapchat stories effectively!

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So, you have posted a Snap on your story that you regret sharing, fear not! Deleting a snap from your story on Snapchat is a piece of cake. Let’s delve into the steps to remove a Snap from your story!


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of deleting a Snap from your story, ensure you have a stable internet connection and your Snapchat app is updated to the latest version to access all features seamlessly.

Deletion Process

To start, open the Snapchat app, navigate to your profile, and select the story containing the Snap you wish to delete. Tap on the three dots next to your story to reveal the delete option. Confirm the deletion, and voila! Your Snap has been successfully removed.

Adjusting Settings

For added privacy, you can adjust your story settings to control who can view your content. Restricting viewership or limiting the audience to selected friends can prevent unwanted eyes from accessing your stories.

Potential Repercussions

Deleting a Snap from your story may prompt questions from your followers. Be prepared to address queries regarding the missing content, or simply take the opportunity to engage with your audience and explain the rationale behind the deletion.


In conclusion, managing your Snapchat stories by deleting unwanted Snaps ensures your digital footprint remains curated and reflects your desired online persona. Take control of your content and privacy with just a few taps on Snapchat!


Q: Can I delete a Snap from my story after it has been viewed?
A: Unfortunately, once a Snap has been viewed by your followers, it cannot be deleted from your story.

Q: Will the deletion of a Snap notify my followers?
A: No, deleting a Snap from your story is a silent action and does not notify your followers of the removal.

Q: Can I recover a Snap that I have deleted from my story?
A: Once a Snap is deleted from your story, it cannot be recovered, so be mindful before confirming deletion.

Q: Are there time limits to delete a Snap from my story?
A: You can delete a Snap from your story anytime after posting it, as long as the story is still active and visible to your followers.

Q: How can I ensure accidental deletions do not happen?
A: To prevent accidental deletions, double-check the content before posting it to your story to avoid the need for subsequent deletions.

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