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How to Do a 3-Way Call on iPhone: Want to master conference calling on your iPhone? Learn the simple steps here!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to 3-Way Calls
  2. Setting Up a 3-Way Call on iPhone
  3. Conducting a Seamless Conversation
  4. Best Practices and Tips
  5. 3-Way Calls in Business
  6. Conclusion

Introduction to 3-Way Calls

Being able to conduct a 3-way call on your iPhone can be a game-changer, whether for personal or professional reasons. The feature allows you to bring two parties together on the same call, making communication efficient and effective.

Setting Up a 3-Way Call on iPhone

Here’s how to initiate a 3-way call on your iPhone:

  1. Dial the first number.
  2. Once connected, tap “Add Call” and dial the second number.
  3. After the second person answers, tap “Merge Calls” to bring everyone together.

Ensure you have a reliable connection to avoid any disruptions during the call.

Conducting a Seamless Conversation

Communication is key during a 3-way call. Remember to:

  • Introduce everyone at the beginning of the call.
  • Use the mute button when not speaking to reduce background noise.
  • Be respectful and allow each person to speak without interruptions.

Best Practices and Tips

Make the most out of your 3-way calls with these tips:

  • Plan ahead and ensure all participants are available at the scheduled time.
  • Keep the conversation focused to avoid confusion.
  • Use headphones for better audio quality.

3-Way Calls in Business

Businesses can benefit greatly from utilizing 3-way calls for:

  • Client meetings
  • Team collaborations
  • Sales pitches


Mastering the art of 3-way calls on your iPhone can enhance your communication abilities and streamline your conversations. Start practicing today and see the difference it makes!


Q: Can I put a 3-way call on hold?

A: Yes, you can individually place each caller on hold during a 3-way call.

Q: Can I add more than two additional callers?

A: Currently, the iPhone only supports adding one additional caller for a total of three participants.

Q: Do all carriers support 3-way calling?

A: Most carriers offer 3-way calling as part of their services, but it’s always best to check with your specific carrier.

Q: Can I merge multiple calls to create a conference call?

A: Yes, by following the steps for adding more callers, you can create a conference call with multiple participants.

Q: Will I be charged extra for making 3-way calls?

A: Check with your carrier as additional charges may apply depending on your plan and location.

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