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Are you ready to unleash your creativity like never before? Join us as we dive into the exciting world of random drawing prompts with the gang at Trophy! Guided by Nick Glen‘s ingenious Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator, we’ll embark on a wild and hilarious journey filled with unexpected challenges and endless possibilities.

Table of Contents:

  • The Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator by Nick Glen
  • The Gang’s Random Adventure
  • Drawing a Huge Lion Playing a Video Game
  • The Lion’s VR Experience
  • The Shredding Cougars
  • The Busty Cougar Rockstar
  • The Horrific Baby’s Misadventures
  • The Awful Vacation at the Rad Zoo
  • The Awkward Monster Handling Insults
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Join us on this exhilarating adventure through the world of random drawing prompts! Each section of this article will take you through a different drawing challenge encountered by the gang at Trophy. Get ready to laugh, get inspired, and let your creativity flow!

The Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator by Nick Glen

Discover the innovative tool created by Nick Glen that fuels the gang’s creative endeavors. Learn about the Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator and how it provides endless drawing prompts for our random adventure.

The Gang’s Random Adventure

Follow the gang at Trophy as they embrace the unpredictable nature of the drawing prompts generated by Nick Glen’s tool. Experience the excitement and hilarity as they tackle each challenge with enthusiasm and imagination.

Drawing a Huge Lion Playing a Video Game

Explore the gang’s interpretation of the first drawing prompt: a huge lion playing a video game. Witness the humorous contrast between the king of the jungle and the virtual world of gaming in this hilarious drawing.

The Lion’s VR Experience

Dive deeper into the lion’s virtual reality adventure as the gang adds unexpected twists and turns to the drawing. Experience the chaos and hilarity of the lion’s gaming escapades in this imaginative portrayal.

The Shredding Cougars

Join the gang as they create the rock band “The Shredding Cougars” and bring to life a busty cougar rocking out on the guitar. Experience the energy and charisma of this unique character as they take center stage in the gang’s drawing.

The Busty Cougar Rockstar

Delve into the world of “The Shredding Cougars” as the gang adds layers of humor and complexity to the rockstar cougar’s performance. Experience the excitement of a concert gone wild at the rad zoo in this hilarious drawing.

The Horrific Baby’s Misadventures

Enter the bizarre world of the horrific baby as the gang embraces the challenge of depicting an unsettling character on an awful vacation. Experience the absurdity of this unique drawing prompt and the gang’s humorous interpretation.

The Awful Vacation at the Rad Zoo

Explore the disastrous vacation scenario at the rad zoo as the gang creates chaos and hilarity amidst sinking ships and mischievous animals. Experience the laughter and chaos of this unforgettable drawing.

The Awkward Monster Handling Insults

Discover Goober, the awkward monster, as the gang tackles the challenge of portraying a character handling insults with ease. Experience the humor and wit as Goober deflects negativity with confidence and resilience.


Reflect on the gang’s random adventure and the joy of creative expression. Embrace the power of randomness and imagination as we celebrate the art of drawing and storytelling. With Nick Glen’s Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator, the possibilities are endless, and the laughter never stops.


Q1: What is the Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator?

A: The Unofficial Trophy Suggestion Generator is an innovative tool created by Nick Glen that provides random drawing prompts for the gang at Trophy.

Q2: How do the gang handle insults towards Goober?

A: Goober, the awkward monster, handles insults with ease and confidence, relying on a psychic barrier to deflect negativity.

Q3: What is the rad zoo and why is the vacation awful?

A: The rad zoo is a unique zoo located on a sinking cruise ship. The vacation is awful due to the chaotic nature of the sinking ship and the misbehavior of both humans and animals.

Q4: How does the gang incorporate humor into their drawings?

A: The gang injects humor into their drawings through clever wordplay, comedic scenarios, and exaggerated visual elements.

Q5: What is the overall message of the gang’s random adventure?

A: The random adventure emphasizes the power of creativity, humor, and teamwork in finding joy and inspiration in unexpected situations. It encourages the audience to embrace randomness and let their imaginations run wild.

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