Tay Savage: Unmasking Chicago's Notorious Street Legend in 2024

Tay Savage: Unmasking Chicago’s Notorious Street Legend in 2024


In the heart of Chicago, the name Tay Savage resonates with tales of violence, revenge, and a relentless pursuit of street dominance. Known for his fierce nature and criminal activities, Tay Savage has become a significant figure in both the streets and the music scene. This article delves into his life, from his early beginnings to his current endeavors in the music industry, offering a comprehensive look at Tay Savage’s controversial journey.

Early Life and Background

Born as Dwayne Timberlake, Tay Savage hails from the 76th and Racine area, known as Rock Island. Moving to Chicago’s low end during his teenage years, Tay was heavily influenced by his family’s deep roots in the gangster lifestyle. His father, grandfather, and uncle were all involved in gang activities, setting the stage for Tay’s entry into the streets at an early age.

Entry into the Streets

Tay Savage’s foray into street life began at the age of 14 or 15, guided by his uncle who introduced him to the harsh realities of gang life. Living in a neighborhood rife with violence and gang activity, Tay quickly adapted to his surroundings, embracing the street culture that would define much of his life.

Gang Involvement and Set Affiliation

Tay Savage joined the Welch World set, primarily composed of Black Disciples and sub-gangster disciples. Welch World, located in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, was part of the larger 757 alliance. This alliance brought together various sets with a shared goal of territorial control, significantly impacting Tay’s life and actions.

Surviving Multiple Shootings

Tay Savage’s notoriety as a formidable figure in Chicago’s gang landscape made him a target for rival gangs. Surviving multiple assassination attempts, he solidified his reputation as someone who could withstand the violent repercussions of his lifestyle.

The Death of Anthony Welch

The murder of his best friend, Anthony Welch, in 2010 marked a turning point in Tay Savage’s life. Determined to avenge Welch’s death, Tay allegedly tracked down and killed those responsible, further entrenching himself in the cycle of violence and revenge that characterized his existence.

Alleged Crimes and Pursuit of Vengeance

Tay Savage’s pursuit of vengeance led to multiple alleged murders, including the killings of Cess and Neff, both connected to the death of Anthony Welch. These acts of violence bolstered his reputation as a ruthless enforcer in Chicago’s gang wars.

Despite facing numerous charges, including the murders of Cess and Neff, Tay Savage secured not guilty verdicts with the help of his defense attorney, Frank Himmel. The legal battles highlighted the complexities of street justice and the challenges in prosecuting gang-related crimes.

Tay Savage as a Robber and Bully

Beyond murder allegations, Tay Savage was known for his role as a robber and bully, instilling fear and asserting dominance without discrimination. His actions further cemented his feared status in the streets of Chicago.

The Carjacking and Armed Robbery Incident

In July 2013, Tay Savage was involved in an armed robbery and carjacking, leading to significant legal consequences. Evidence and eyewitness testimonies linked him to the crime, resulting in a lengthy prison sentence.

Prison Sentence and Release

Tay Savage served over eight years in prison before his release in 2022. During his incarceration, he reflected on his actions and began to focus on a music career, aiming to transform his street credibility into a positive influence.

Current Status and Music Career

Since his release, Tay Savage has pursued a career in music, leveraging his notoriety to gain traction in the industry. His music, influenced by his life experiences, has the potential to resonate deeply with audiences, positioning him as a rising star in the rap scene.


Tay Savage’s life story is a testament to the tumultuous nature of street life in Chicago. From gang involvement and surviving multiple shootings to seeking vengeance and navigating legal battles, his journey encapsulates the complexities of urban violence and redemption. As Tay Savage turns a new leaf with his music career, only time will tell if he can leave behind the shadows of his past.


  • Who is Tay Savage?

    Tay Savage, born Dwayne Timberlake, is a former gang member and current rapper from Chicago known for his involvement in various criminal activities and his subsequent music career.

  • What gang was Tay Savage affiliated with?

    Tay Savage was affiliated with the Welch World set, part of the larger 757 alliance in Chicago.

  • What are some of Tay Savage’s alleged crimes?

    Tay Savage has been allegedly involved in multiple murders, including the killings of Cess and Neff, as well as armed robbery and carjacking.

  • How long was Tay Savage in prison?

    Tay Savage served over eight years in prison before his release in 2022.

  • What is Tay Savage’s current occupation?

    Since his release from prison, Tay Savage has pursued a career in music, gaining attention in the rap industry.

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