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Scribbr paraphrasing tool helps you rewrite text accurately and effortlessly. Discover how to use this AI-powered tool effectively.

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What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A scribbr paraphrasing tool is an AI-powered software designed to help users rewrite text in their own words while maintaining the original meaning. You can use it to paraphrase articles, essays, and other pieces of text, as well as to rephrase sentences and find synonyms for individual words. The best part? It’s completely free!

What’s Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else’s ideas in your own words while keeping the original meaning intact. **Paraphrasing tools** can help you reword text quickly by replacing certain words with synonyms or restructuring sentences. They can also make your text more concise and clear. Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing and professional communication.

Why Use This Paraphrasing Tool?

  • Save time: Quickly reword sentences or complete texts with one click.
  • Improve your writing: Ensure clear and consistent language.
  • Preserve original meaning: Paraphrase without losing the essence of your text.
  • No annoying ads: Enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • Accurate: Get reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing.
  • No sign-up required: Use the tool without registering.
  • Super simple to use: User-friendly interface.
  • 100% free: Unlimited use without hidden costs.

Features of the Paraphrasing Tool

  • Rephrase individual sentences: Easily reformulate sentences.
  • Write varied headlines: Create unique subject lines and image captions.
  • Paraphrase a whole text: Reword longer passages up to 125 words per input.
  • Find synonyms with ease: Use the interactive thesaurus for suggested synonyms.
  • Paraphrase in two ways: Choose between standard and fluency modes.
  • Upload any document: Supports Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDFs.
  • Download or copy results: Easily save or copy your paraphrased text.
  • Powered by AI: Uses natural language processing for quick rewriting.
  • Turnitin Similarity Report: Ensure your document is plagiarism-free.

How Does This Paraphrasing Tool Work?

  1. Put your text into the paraphraser.
  2. Select your method of paraphrasing.
  3. Choose the quantity of synonyms you want.
  4. Edit your text where needed.

Who Can Use This Paraphrasing Tool?

  • Students: Improve writing quality and understanding.
  • Teachers: Create original lesson plans and materials.
  • Researchers: Explain complex ideas clearly.
  • Journalists: Avoid repetitive language.
  • Copywriters: Rework content quickly and uniquely.
  • Bloggers: Rewrite content to make it unique.
  • Writers: Adapt articles for different contexts.
  • Marketers: Rewrite content for various platforms.

All-Purpose Paraphrasing Tool

The scribbr paraphrasing tool is versatile and can assist in various contexts, such as:

  • Brainstorming: Overcome writer’s block.
  • Professional communication: Create catchy headings.
  • Academic writing: Smoothly paraphrase sources.
  • Social media: Craft memorable captions and posts.


The **scribbr paraphrasing tool** is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to rewrite text accurately and efficiently. Whether you’re a student, teacher, researcher, journalist, copywriter, blogger, writer, or marketer, this tool can help you produce high-quality content while saving time. Try it out and experience the benefits of AI-powered paraphrasing!


1. Is the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool free to use?

Yes, the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool is completely free with no hidden costs.

2. Do I need to sign up to use the tool?

No sign-up is required. You can use the tool immediately without registration.

3. Can I upload documents for paraphrasing?

Yes, you can upload Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs, or PDFs.

4. Is the tool ad-free?

Yes, the paraphrasing tool is ad-free to ensure a smooth user experience.

5. How accurate is the paraphrasing?

The tool uses advanced AI to provide accurate and grammatically correct paraphrasing.

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